Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin Vantage

RENT Aston Martin Vantage IN DUBAI

AED 2000 / DAY
AED 50000 / MO
+ 5% VAT applicable
  • Documents Required
  • Minimum 2 days rental
  • + 5% VAT applicable
  • Free Delivery
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 RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI  RENT   Aston Martin Vantage      IN DUBAI
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Aston Martin Vantage Rental in Dubai

Rent and drive this Aston Martin Vantage in Dubai, UAE for AED 2000 / DAY & AED 50000 / MO . Rental cost includes basic comprehensive insurance and standard mileage limit of 250 km/day (AED 10 per additional km applicable) Security deposit of AED 5000 is required. Contact Class Cars Rental directly for bookings and inquiries...

•Best Price Guaranteed
•FREE Delivery and Pick-up in Dubai
•Branch Pick-up Available
•Payment option available
•SECURITY DEPOSIT will be blocked on card for 21 days from the date of return and refund automatic in your account
•To Drive our Car you must be at least 21 Yrs of Age
•Passport and Driving License is Required for tourist
•Emirates ID and UAE Driving licence is Required for Residents
•Contract for the Rent period is available for every Renter
•Can Extend the period or days anytime just inform 1 day ahead
•Long Term is available and guaranteed Big Discount


Rental Period Rental Cost Mileage Limit
Day-basis AED 2000 / DAY 250km
Weekly N. A
Monthly AED 50000 / MO 5000km
Car Features


Within Dubai we offer free delivery and free pick up of the car. and also free pick up from our Branch in Business Bay.
Accept different payments. No commission and No booking fees!
AED 5 every salik gate. Salik total amount can be pay upon return of the car or can be deducted from your security deposit.
security deposit is required upon delivery/pick up of the car. Start from AED 2000 to AED 10,000. Available through PRE-AUTHORIZATION OR CASH. Can be returned after 21 days after the car is returned.
with standard mileage limit based on rental period in your contract or rental agreement will calculate based on the odometer at the start of your rental. if you exceed the allowed kms, additional charges apply.
21 years of age as per RTA regulations.
  • Model VANTAGE
  • Year 2019
  • Security Deposit 5000
  • Color White
  • Extra Millage Cost / km AED 10 / km
  • Minimum Age 21
  • Salik / Toll Charges AED 5
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